Magic the Gathering: The RPG


Zakrah planeswalked from Tarkir, after going back to Tarkir, seeing that dragons had returned and promptly saying ‘Noop’.
Mihr planeswalked from Innistrad, intent on finding a way to fix the corrupting affecting the angels of Innistrad in the wake of Avacyn’s madness.
Chakaar planeswalked from FuckNikkisville, escaping a long life of slavery at the hands of religious vampires of the Corporate Theocracy.

All three arrive on the plane of Alara.

While admiring the beauty of a lush forest jungle, the three planeswalkers are rendered unconscious by means unknown, only to wake up in a throne room more grown from the tree of the Earth than crafted, with a male and female elf arguing on whether or not to kill the intruders.

Mayael the Anima then challenged the party to a battle, and when the party prevailed, Mayael then questioned the party as to their reasoning for being in the lands of Naya. Mihr responded with mention of other worlds, which Mayael did not seem to understand, and Zakrah and Chakaar both responded with a vague statement to the tune of ’Eh? Just woke up here. Just as confused as you are."


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